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This is the comics pages from Dr Halkan and
of the Naverstam Web on this site in particular.
I do not say anything about my figures. Anyone might see
themself a bit in any of my figures. I do not mean to pick
at anyone in particular. But the small spider is myself.

This is my life, this is life and soul inpersonated in J,R especially. 
He might be friendly, and he seems alright, and wellmeaning,,,.

Dr Halkan 26 2009
Dr Halkan 2009
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Dr Halkan 2014
Katarina Kyrka
There are 4 churches on
Sodermalm. Katarina is one
of them. 
Dr Halkan 1169 2015
Dr Halkan 2015

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This is the former famous VĂ€llingehus                 Stockholms stadsbibliotek inifrĂ„n

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