Grona Lund and the Drottningsholms Slott


Gröna Lund
The Gröna Lund, some tables for picnic

Grona Lund
The Grona Lund some Years ago

When I was a kid, I thought that our Stockholm fair on the island of Djurgården Gröna Lund was fun. My mother took me there once a year on some spring day usually.

I was just a kid,  I was not more than 5-8 years old or something. The world was mine, my mother was young, or quite anyway, and I had my entire life ahead of me!  

I remember the shootingranges, the tombolas where there was prices. The different attractions. The merrygorounds, the roolercoosters, and all the people. What was to come was my life. It had to be a good life, as my mother loved me, and that was what mattered most to me.          

Drottningholms Slott

Drottningsholms Slott
Drottningsholms Slott

This is a cultplace and a hit for all students and other culurally interested people. The Drottningsholms Castle is a hit in all ways, exept if you are not too young maybee.

When I was a teenager, I traveled all the way in to Stockholm city, and to see the Stockholm City Central Library. I was interested in books as I didn´t understand the life of the other youngsters. I was an outsider, and the other kids didn´t like me, as I remember it.

If you not are a Nobel Price winner, and wants to see the famous library, you might want to see this wonderfull Stockholm Royal Castle, if you come here. It was built under several different kings and queens, but it was finalised in the Gustavian era as we say in sweden. That is to mean, during the king Gustav III.