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This is a site all about a guy called Dr Halkan and what make him swing.

Life is what makes the dr Swing, maybe. Other things that make the dr Swing? His boat maybe? His nice little restaurant? His girlfriend, or girlfriends?

Well, I doesn't get rich on my work here! On all years, until now, on my three sites, I haven´t made more than 700 swedish kronor. I do not get any other mail, than spam. I do not get any personal mail at all.

We have our little radioproject here in Stockholm, that takes up some of our time. Our show is to be listened at, on other times than the broadcast, at

We won a price for our broadcast here in Sweden, the small radioaward it is called, and it was for 2009 I think. I do not know where the small golden ear ended up, but it probably is in good hands.

This is not an extremistsite in any way. I am not interested in politics in most cases. I go to church, but I am not a man following the bible as the only way to function!

Heard about High Definition Pictures? We try them here, at


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Robert 2014 Oktober
This is me, 2014 october

A nearby PUB
A Pub in Maria

Dr Halkan 1033 2014

From Trosa

New Pictures from Drottningholm summer 2012

New Pictures from Waxholm summer 2012

New Pictures from Trosa summer 2013


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