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                                    Vallingby at present time           
                       Stockholm City Public Library
Vällingby 2015, click the picture for more!                                  Stockholm City Public Library!
This is Sweden at show! Here is the famous suburb                    This is the Library of Stockholm. Come and see
                                                                                                  it for yourself! It is for free!
of Sweden in it´s best mood! Also other parts of                                       
the city is in show! Enjoy yourself. The next step, is
to come here, to see Stockholm and Sweden!

Stockholm Winter 2017
Stockholm 2017 Winter

As humble as this? Are you fond of the nobleprices? Or do you just like to
haul up a salmon right in front of the Kings palace? See for yourself!

        halkan 2017
        Dr Halkan 2017,,,!

I have been drawing cartoons, for quite some time now,
and  as for now it is the main new material that is published
at my three sites.

Other material is paintings in acrylics, and pictures
from Stockholm.

To come to see my comics, click at the drawing above!

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Steamboat at Riddarfjärden
Stockholm during the winter

Stóckholm is also a wintertown.If you want
to see another Stockholm, visit us here during
the winter!

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